About BudScopes®

BudScopes TM is a leader in high quality USB digital microscope cameras and microscope eyepiece cameras. The BudScopes series digital handheld microscope and BudScopes series microscope eyepiece have evolved and expanded to better serve our customers, providing a wide range of digital microscopy solutions for applications including: quality control, science, research, education, hobbyists, and more.

Our Product

The examination of plants can be done anywhere with your BudScope!

The small handheld microscope cameras are great portable devices. Pair a BudScope with a wifi adapter and stream the live view on smart phones, tablets, or computers. The included BudScope Capture software allows users to capture images, video, perform measurements, searchable annotations and even organize the captured images into folders.

Check out our Gallery with Unbelievable pictures taken under Microscope.


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The BudScope is the ULTIMATE tool for hobbyists to take pictures of cannabis under the scope and share them digitally with your friends all over the world. The goal of our platform is to create a sense of togetherness and belonging in the cannabis industry in a responsible and fun way. Snap a picture of your Bud with our BudScope and send it to your friends! Send a unique holiday card to your loved ones or a magnified picture of your favorite cannabis to your friends! Let’s create a global community of cannabis friends and share with each other to beautiful botanical aspects of cannabis with the BudScope!